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Copyright 1996

The Upshur County Sesquicentennial Committee, Gilmer Texas. The stories in the book are the product of the individual authors according to their research, or to the best of their recollection.

Publication made possible by  the efforts of the following people: LaVelle Skinner Crow, Jill Means, Patsy Williams, Dianne Harris, Kristal Evans, Virginia Carroll, Mary Ann Hudgins, Annette Breaseale, Bonnie During, Jeannine Austin, Cata Jones, Mary Louu Davidson, Patt Lindsey, Larry Osborne, Fayrene Bonebrake, Shone Tefteller, Blanche Turner, Frankie Lindley and Ruby Nell King.

This Book can be purchased at the Historic Upshur Museum. $50

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