Enter the portals of Gilmer's neoclassical style federal building and take a walk through over 150 years of time. Join us as we explore and learn our history from the ancient mounds constructed by Caddo Indians to the fringes of outer space touched by graduates of Upshur County schools. 

The red brick and concrete building which houses the collection of the Historic Upshur Museum served the people of Upshur County as a post office from February, 1926 until October, 1992. With funds acquired from private citizens, the City of Gilmer, and the County of Upshur, the Board of Directors purchased the building from the federal government and opened the first exhibits October 1, 1993. 

On the 150th anniversary of Upshur County, April 27, 1996, the museum reopened with new exhibits.

Among the prized possessions are the negatives of the Hays studio which J.M. "Matt" Hays opened in 1897. Among these are photographs of the Dickson Colored Orphanage, the first orphanage for African-American youth in Texas. The Mormon colony at Kelsey, and other significant moments. 

In the future, we hope to expand our exhibits on our businesses and the county's rich musical heritage which includes such talents as the Stamps and Owens Brothers Quartets, the Rangers, Johnny Mathis, Freddie King, Ray Price, Jerry Elliott of the Light Crust Doughboys, Michelle Shocked, Don Hensley and others. 

Upshur County School, civic organizations and others clubs can schedule a group tour and learn about the county, its people, events and historical information first hand.

The immediate past Queens dress during the East Texas Yamboree, and other lady-in-waiting dresses are a  special exhibit late September thru  January.  Come Join us at the old post office building on the square and see why we say:

                               "We are nostalgic about our past and excited about our future." 

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