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The Board Members of the Historic Upshur Museum thank our Membership and Supporters for their 2016 financial support of the museum. Your annual dues sustain the museum and we need your continued support. With your support, we are 2018 ready with upgraded office equipment and software; however, this 1925 building has major issues. The roof, basement and interior is damaged from water. Our current operating budget cannot support remodeling   or a new roof. Our goal is to repair where we can and maintain those areas of the building to prevent any more damage. We ask businesses and citizens of Upshur County to continue to give generously so that this building continues to be available to provide a glimpse into the history of our county and be of service to the community.


Just print out this form,
fill it in, and mail it to:


Historic Upshur Museum
119 Simpson Street
Gilmer, TX 75644-2238

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