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museum history


October 1, 1993 - Opens 1st exhibits

April 27, 1996    - Opens new exhibits -150th Upshur County

October 2000     - Carpenters, painters and plasters repaired

portions of the interior and rework of the double hung windows. Exterior painting was delayed due to heavy rainfall December thru March

March 31, 2001 - Reopened

2001 - At end of year HUM receives grant for Past Perfect Museum Software & Database

2002 - New Office Computers

2002 -2014 - Outdated office equipment, repairs needed to roof , interior, windows, basement floods and public bathroom out of order.

2015-2017- Upgrades to office systems. Repairs to roof. Past Perfect online. New Website. Facebook

2017 -2020 Receives Generous Donation Membership Dues continue to be our most valuable resource.   

Open to Public 16 hrs week

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